Process Chemicals

Process Chemicals is a renowned Indian company that offers various products and services that address the needs of today’s society.

One of the foremost services that the company offers is bird repellent products. Birds cause product damage, safety hazards and can pose health risks. In recent years, bird nuisance have gained significant proportion. Thus birds have been classified as pests  in sectors such as Railways, Power Transmission Industry, Airport, Food Processing facilities, Ware houses, Pharmaceuticals companies, Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial buildings, Heritage buildings and even residential buildings.


We offer services integrating various solutions such as:

  • SCARECROW Herbal Repellent Gel for Birds
  • Bird Net to cordon off certain areas and prohibit birds from entering certain areas
  • Spikes and spirals to act as point of contact deterrents and
  • Electronic Bird Repellent Gadgets

So depending on the bird or pest control problem we will recommend the control procedure or elimination product that best suits your needs.

Our Products

Herbal Repellent Gel

Bird Nets

Spikes & Spirals

Electronic Gadgets

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Why Use Bird Repellents

Pest birds are a nuisance for property managers, property owners, architects and homeowners. They can pose safety and health hazards.

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